ERP Implementation

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System implementation efforts offer extraordinary challenges to information technology professionals and the organisations impacted by the implementations. A successful implementation can reap vast rewards in organisational strengths and efficiencies. A failure can drain an organisation of people, funds and vitality.

Assumptions in the implementation process as compared to other vendor: Our ERP consultants make sure that each stage, starting from Initial Requirement Gathering till the time the ERP goes live, is properly executed as per our methodology in place, maintaining transparency throughout the process thus ensuring a smooth implementation.


We have learnt from extensive experience that the following factors are vital for success:
  • The interaction of technology and the organization – a broad concept that lays the groundwork for many of the other factors for consideration.
  • User involvement and participation – influenced by a number of variables that must be carefully balanced in order to ensure success of the involvement.
  • Resistance – can work for or against a project depending upon how it is managed.
  • Commitment – an essential ingredient for success however, because commitment involves many factors including the interaction of many personalities and priorities, it is a challenge to achieve and maintain.
  • Planning – more able to be controlled by project managers than other success factors, and involving many critical components.


We have traveled the implementation road many times and have learnt through these experiences to tread carefully and conservatively, bearing all the above factors in mind. Hence our extensive experience and expertise will minimise the risks and maximise the chance of a successful outcome.