Open source? we can help you

configure, develop, implement, train, maintain, host and support

Open source ERP provides a complex and configurable software code base that is available for free download without product or licensing fees. Due to the customizable nature of open source ERP, the solutions are a great choice for companies that need custom software to manage their highly differentiated business processes.

An open source platform should be among the contenders for organizations in search of customizable ERP applications. Open source ERP solutions benefit organizations by providing:

  • An adaptable and highly customizable framework that is targeted to the needs of distribution and manufacturing
  • License-free software
  • An inherently global platform
  • Active open source development and support communities with participants across the globe who are interested in continuing to advance and support the software

While there are clear benefits to open source ERP, it’s important to keep in mind that implementing one of these solutions is not a simple DIY project. Companies investing in open source ERP will need to configure, develop, implement, train, maintain, host and support the solution on their own, or partner with an experienced consultant like TechnoMates to obtain help with some or all of those steps.

TechnoMates provides the full range of services related to open source ERP, beginning with helping you determine whether one of these solutions is right for you, and all the way through to custom development, training and ongoing support. We can assist you with your on-premise setup or provide hosting services if you are interested in moving your open source ERP to the cloud.